My Interdisciplinary Journey Thus Far

My career as a student started like most. I had an idea of what I wanted to do with my life and took the leap. Before starting college and even up until I got my associates degree I had no idea what interdisciplinary studies was. It was not until after transferring to PSU that I found out. I began my journey at PSU in the Exercise and Sports Physiology program and quickly realized this was not wait I wanted. I wanted to stray from the clinical side of exercise and lean more to the business side. I wanted to start my own business!

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The Business of Physical Fitness

Joseph Martinez, Plymouth State University IDS Major

My path started just over 8 years ago when I made the life changing decision the join the United States Marine Corps. Over those 8 years I deployed to several countries and conducted a wide variety of missions. While stateside, we had a very strong emphasis on physical training and I was fortunate to have completed many leadership and physically demanding schools. These schools ranged from Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor course to Infantry small unit leaders course and everything in-between. Although everyday spent in the Marine Corps was completely different, there was always one constant, and that was my love for physical fitness. Continue reading “The Business of Physical Fitness”


Interview with Dr. Scott Mantie
By Joseph Martinez

Many veterans upon discharge from the armed forces are immediately faced with the feeling of “I’m lost”. Almost as if the past four or more years leading up to their discharge was full of solid daily structure and feelings of worth and belonging. Well let me tell you, I most certainly fell victim to this state of mind. It wasn’t until my interview with Dr. Scott Mantie when I finally had that “UH-HUH!” moment. Continue reading “THE “SCOTT” OF ALL TRADES!”

Is your digital footprint truly your own?

By Joseph Martinez

Here at Plymouth State University students have the option to pursue a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. This degree field gives the students an opportunity to customize a degree that will align perfectly with their passion. A degree in IDS allows the student to not only create their own course catalog, but also creates an environment where they will track their own progress keeping accountability of their own education. Continue reading “Is your digital footprint truly your own?”