My journey to this point has been quite an interesting one to say the least. Having gotten my associates in Exercise Science I was fully expecting that to be my direction of travel. My how wrong I was. Once I switched to IDS my major focus became business. Again I planned to focus even that around fitness. After a few classes I realized that I was no longer as passionate about that and found a new passion.

Realizing I wanted to start my own bar was a big leap for me. So what better way to make the best of this situation then to focus all of my projects around it. I decided to do my APPLIED PROJECT on how to start a business. I used a basic “6 step” program and gave a brief description on each step and what it entailed. The main reason for that was to further my knowledge on what I had to do to start my own business.

I followed the same concept for my RESEARCH ARTICLE . However, for this I decided to look into why small businesses failed. I wanted to focus on this so I know what I would potentially need to look out for in the future. I know it sounds selfish but using the blog platform I knew I would be able to share my findings with the public. There’s no point in not sharing the wealth.

Having the chance to do these 2 major projects has really opened my eyes. I know the projects themselves may not be my best work, but the way I see it is that it is a stepping stone for me and I now have a solid path to follow considering I just spent the last few months laying out the ground work for my future endeavors. It has been a long and stressful road but this portion is coming to an end and the next door is already open for me.

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