My Co-Pilot, Stress

In my previous post I spent a little time talking about stress and how it has affected me. Well I just found an assignment that I wrote for a stress management class just over one year ago. The assignment was a reflection of the class and some thoughts we had on stress. I want to share this with everyone to maybe start a talking point or to get others to reflect on how they look at stress and how they can manage it better.


            Having now spent a few months in the class (Stress Management) I have had the chance to learn a few things about myself. I have always known how I handle stress but I have never taken the time to understand why it is that way. All of our exercises have shown me that there are many ways one can go about managing stress along with different mind sets. Stress can be a real bummer at times but if we know how to focus that stress we can channel it in a positive direction.

            I am not going to say “when I grow up” simply because I am pushing thirty years old. However, I will say that from this day forward I fully plan to use my stress in a positive manor. I still have a lot going on in my life with education, work, and my military service so transitioning my thought process will be no easy task. This of course leads me to my number one change I wish to make in my life and that is to maintain a positive mental attitude. I do believe that is a manageable task.

            Moving forward I want to be known as the person that shows no sign of mental and emotional fatigue. I say this knowing fully that everyone at some point or another will face these adversities, but I do not want them to leave me crippled or at a standstill like they have in the past. I want to be able to use my stressors as a means of motivation and drive to keep pushing forward. I feel the ability to do so is the key difference between being successful and staying stagnant. 

            I hope that by accomplishing these two tasks in life I can be that barer of light many people may need to kick start their journeys to success. I want my positive attitude, along with those I can affect, to be a standard that many can emulate in their own lives. Whether that is changing a bad habit, living healthier, or just changing their opinion on stress. I feel if I can reach at least half of this quota, then that alone is a success. (End)

Having reread this I am able to reflect upon my reflection and I am happy to say I have kept my word. In almost everything I’ve faced in the past year I pushed forward with a positive mental attitude. I haven’t always been able to smile through the grind but my mind stayed strong and my wits sharp. I hope that anyone who reads this can take a piece of that with them.

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