My Interdisciplinary Journey Thus Far

My career as a student started like most. I had an idea of what I wanted to do with my life and took the leap. Before starting college and even up until I got my associates degree I had no idea what interdisciplinary studies was. It was not until after transferring to PSU that I found out. I began my journey at PSU in the Exercise and Sports Physiology program and quickly realized this was not wait I wanted. I wanted to stray from the clinical side of exercise and lean more to the business side. I wanted to start my own business!

Hamza Butt(CC BY 2.0)


How could I do that? I had no business experience and I could just take my chances but I wanted to play it smart. Asking advisers I finally stumbled across the IDS program and everything made sense. I can now take all of my prior knowledge in the health field and add business and marketing to create exactly what I want. As Moti Nissani states in (Ten Cheers for Interdisciplinarity) “The act of creation may also arise from the permutation of ideas from two or more disciplines.”


I know have the ability to combine two relevant disciplines to create my outcome. With the marketing projects and business plans I have been working on in my different classes I feel that come time to grab that diploma I will be ready to take the next big leap!

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