Personal Career Plan

As a part of another class I am taking I had to write a personal career plan. I feel that this is a suitable topic to share with you all. Enjoy!


            In this paper I will take the time to explain my personal career plan and everything that entails. I will cover such thangs as my personal history and how I got to where I am, as well as my skills, talents, and abilities that lead me to believe I will be successful. I will also share my personal values that help drive my ambitions along with what I see to be my concrete career goals. After I will try to explain the integration of my personal characteristics and occupational goals followed by a few potential organizational choices that will sustain me in to my end goal.

            End state of the paper would be for the reader to understand fully my goals and aspirations. Furthermore, allow the reader to understand what drove me to this decision.

Personal History

            So there I was, 18 years young (mind you I am 30 year old now) and ready to take on the world. Except I’m a bit of a self-proclaimed mommas boy and she was not about to let her little boy run fearlessly toward the enemy. So I did what most kids do right after high school. Went to college. Ok let’s just end that there. I hated it! I’ve known for about three years by that point that I wanted to join the Marine Corps and the only reason I went to college was for my mother. So after a year of that I went home and told them the news. I had joined the United States Marine Corps and was shipping off to Paris Island before the years end.

            Year one. Boot camp and infantry school was a blur of getting yelled at, headaches, and “hazing.” PT (physical training) happened every morning and possibly again later in the day. Year two. Deployment was a blur of getting yelled at, headaches, and “hazing.” PT (physical training) happened every morning and possibly again later in the day. Year three. I’m a squad leader now! So it was a blur of yelling at people, headaches, and “hazing.” PT (physical training) happened every morning and possibly again later in the day. Year 4-9. Basically the same as year three but more responsibility. So it was a blur of yelling at people, headaches, and “hazing.” PT (physical training) happened every morning and possibly again later in the day. Notice anything?

            So I joke about it but I must say I absolutely love the Marine Corps, If I didn’t I don’t think I would currently be serving my third full contract going on 10 beautiful years. I learned more in my time serving then I think a college could ever teach me. About myself, the world, and people. However, the PT we went through had a resonating effect on me. It’s the reason I decided to give college a second shot. Can’t lie, still hate it but I’ve realized that this world just may have more in store for me then totting a gun in questionable countries.

            The first thing I realized was that I wanted to start my own gym. So I went to school for Exercise Science and became a personal trainer. I worked in a small gym as a trainer and group instructor and loved it. But yet again I realized that I wanted more. So I decided it was time to make a shift to a more business oriented degree program. And this is where I was introduced to Interdisciplinary Studies. After spending about 2 years in that program I realized that it wasn’t that I wanted to own a gym, in fact I just wanted to be my own boss. I believe I got this idea from working for other people and realizing I could do their job better than them. I really noticed that while working in the restaurant business. I have worked in just about every job a bar/restaurant has to offer, and my favorite would have to be bartending.

            Once I fully realized this, that’s when it clicked. I need to start my own bar and or restaurant. So here I am getting ready to graduate and yet again ready to take on the world. Coincidentally I’m actually deploying again only one month after graduating so I guess I’ll hold off for a year. But then, you bet I’ll be ready for it when I return!

Skills, Talents, & Abilities

            So I have had a pretty interesting and adventure packed life thus far and because of that I have learned a slew of neat things. Now I say this in the broadest meaning of the term but also very specifically. Ill break this into two parts: things learned from the Marines, and things learned from the job force. Starting with the job force simply because there is a lot less, I spent years in the food industry so I’ve absorbed a few things. For starters, management trends. I saw this because having seen how other handle their positions I can help but feel I can do it better. Now that I have some actual schooling in business management I don’t feel that idea is to farfetched. While in the industry I had worked just about every job available so I have a really good idea of the ins and outs.

            Now to what I would say are some of my more promising acquired skills. The Marines taught me more than how to just shoot. I went though some of the most severe stress one could imagine. I feel that this level of stress management will only save me in the future. Beyond that, discipline. The level of discipline that one needed just to make through one day was astronomical. That being said, I can transfer that to a slew of other traits such as, self-motivation, self-discipline, determination, hard work etc. And the list goes on. All of this I feel can only set me up for success in the future.

            Beyond what I have just mention these skills can be broken down even further in to several categories such as: functional skills (i.e., transferable competencies), work content skills (i.e., job-specific skills), and lastly adaptive skills (i.e., personal qualities and work performance traits.) All of which are further explored in Career Actions 2-3, 2-4, 3-1, 3-2, and 3-4.

Functional Skills

            Functional skills are the skills that once they are acquired you can take then anywhere you go and will always remain valuable. Some of these skills that I have acquired over the years are:

  • Leadership
  • Discipline
  • Attention to detail
  • Listening skills
  • Public speaking

            Having these skills at my disposal going forward will only add to my chances of being successful not only in a working environment but in life as well.

Work Content Skills

            These work content skills are all skills that are directly related to the career I have chosen which is to run my own bar/restaurant. Some skills that I find will be important are:

  • Strong understanding of managerial duties as to create the environment for others to emulate.
  • Have a complete understanding of the inner working of a restaurant.
  • Understanding financials and money handling.
  • Customer service

            It is these basic skills that I believe will help me to succeed anywhere I decide to start, even if that means starting under different supervision then my own.

Adaptive Skills

            Lastly the adaptive skills. Here we look at some skills that are driven by personal qualities. Some of these skills for myself are:

  • Ability to adapt and overcome.
  • Improvisation
  • Flexibility
  • Intelligence
  • Determination

Just like the other categories, these skills are solid and transferable. Not matter what life has in store for me, with these skills I do not fear that I will fail.

Personal Value

            To me in this respect, I feel that personal value and work value should go pretty similarly hand in hand. I also feel that living by a set of values whether it be personal or work or both is very important. So for me when I think about it my overall values would be:

  • Trust
  • Loyalty
  • Pride
  • Ambition

To go even further, trust can be seen in that of family and friends or in employees and management. This also applies to loyalty. Moreover, having pride in self can reflect in one work or their work itself. Lastly ambition, the desire to achieve and succeed in life in any aspect.

            Looking at my Choice of career I see that depending on the situation it can be quite lucrative. However, again depending on the situation it can be quite taxing financially. For a management position one can be looking at anywhere from 40-60K annually. Whereas an owner may not even see a paycheck for the first few years. This is due to a variety of reasons but mostly the startup. An owner will have to pay back all business loans as well as investors so the majority of the revenue may have to go right back into the business.

            Although that may be a stopping point for many I see it as a way to challenge myself. On top of that, starting my own business gives me the opportunity to choose my location. Having lived in the south for over half a decade I decided that the south is where I want to go. Specifically the South Carolina-Georgia line. Aside from having lived there before some of the reasons for that choice is the friendly environment, warm climate, and beautiful scenery.

Concrete Career Goals

Long Term:

            Because of how my schedule is working with my upcoming deployment, I feel my long term goals are actually very obtainable. After the deployment and this 3 year obligated contract is up I plan to move down south to begin my process. I see by the year 2022 I will have my business up and running. This may just be a bare bones shell of what my overall goal is but it is the start. Beyond that I plan to build the business, hopefully starting a second location. My overall goal would be to have a bar/restaurant opened in both Charleston SC and Savannah GA.

Short Term:

            This is an easy one. Due to my military service, the first year of this short term plan is to deploy for a full year. Beyond that, once I return in June of 2020 I plan to move back to Hooksett NH where I will start working part time as a bartender to maintain proficiency in the bar environment through repetitions. All the while I will be building my business plan and saving for the move down south and the startup fees. I don’t have any particular job that I would want to go for simply because I have the military to cover my living expenses. The only reason to work part time again is to maintain proficiency and that I would want to be in Manchester NH to work with a large volume of people.

Integration of Personal Characteristics & Occupational Goals

            Looking at my end state career goals, I wish to be my own boss. Specifically owning my own bar/restaurant. How do I get there? Well if we look back at some of my skills and values I believe it is all spelled out for us. As an entrepreneur you can expect to face long hours, possibly low pay at first, stressful work environments etc. I have already been face to face with a lot of the adversities and have triumphed. I am not going to sit here and say that it will be easy for me. I expect it to give me one of the biggest challenges I will have ever faced. But at the same time that is exactly why I feel like I will do really well in this realm.

            To become an owner you do not need a college education. In all honesty you don’t even really need certificates. Yes it will be helpful and probably make the journey that much easier but it is not required. However, it is because of this I feel that a lot of small businesses fail within the first few years of opening. So in an outlook perspective it does not look to great.


            I feel as though I am ready for any sort of challenge that may try to present itself to me. Having gone through my personal history, some skills, talents, and abilities along with my personal values and concrete career goals and how I plan to integrate them all. I hope that my personal career plan is clear to those who may be looking in from the outside.

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