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            Over the years I have had a very love hate relationship with social media. To me it is very much a sort of time machine where as you open it and begin to explore and next thing you know you are several hours in the future. It was not until just recently that I realized it could be used for good. By good I mean using it as a personal learning network. I have discussed this a few times in my previous posts but this time I plan to fully explain my stance on it.

            I have been using twitter now for about a year and some change. The only reason I am using it is because of the program that I am in which is interdisciplinary studies. I have learned some of the many values that it can bring to those who are using it correctly. However, having cruised the inner workings of Twitter I can also see how it may get some folks in trouble if not used correctly.

            I have recently switched my professional career choice and found it to be rather challenging to get my PLN back on track. So unfortunately I have been slacking in that department as I had previously mentioned in a previous post. With the stressors of life and my upcoming deployment I have to say honestly I do not plan to continue with my twitter account. I may possibly even delete it only because I do not have any plan to use it while I am gone. However, when I return and actually get back on my career path and begin my adventures, I may just look into restarting it with a fresh start. If not twitter then some other form of social media that I can turn into my PLN.

           I will not leave this blog hanging so I will attach some pictures and my twitter thread for everyone to see. How I am looking at it now is as a form of reminder to the struggle that I have endured over the past few years on my intellectual journey. Life will always have some crazy new plot twist to throw at you, so maybe I will keep it to look back and reflect on that.


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