The Art of Procrastination.

As I’m sure you are aware, and if not then you are now, but this is NOT a scientific study or peer reviewed article. No, this is my thoughts on procrastination and how it has gotten me through college.

I have always been bit of a procrastinator, but in recent days my true colors have vibrantly shined. First let me give you all a bit of background. If you have taken any amount of time and looked at any of my previous posts I’m sure you’re aware that I am in the Marine Corps. If not then here it is, I am a U.S. Marine of about 10 years and I’ve loved almost every second of it. Through my journey I received a smorgasbord of invaluable life lessons that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Along with that, I also learned a tremendous amount about myself.

One of the first things that the Marine Corps does is it introduces you to an unhealthy amount of stress to break you down only to then build you back up. As a Marine, one becomes intimate friends with adversity and can do some of their best work under copious amounts of stress. This is essential for a Marine on the battlefield. To have hardened nerves and steadfast patience’s in the face of severe adversity is one of the greatest lessons I received while active duty. However, prolonged stress is a serious issue that can lead to a multitude of health complications.

I learned this very serious fact about stress the hard way. I believe that I was one of the lucky ones though. My dealings with stress left me with “Stress Induced Alopecia”. That for those who do not know is where one losses random patches of hair all over the body, primarily on the scalp. Unfortunately, not all are that lucky. Severe stress can lead to health complications to include metabolic syndrome, sleeplessness, depression, and or anxiety etc.

OK so how did this help me with college? Good question! Well aside from dealing with hair loss at the ripe young age of 27, I also worked several jobs and am still a component of the Marine Corps plus a full time student. So to answer your question, I prioritized based of the level of stress each thing gave me. As you can imagine from my experiences in life, school was pretty low on that list. Some may say that’s a recipe for disaster and I couldn’t agree more. However, I have a little secret and professors around the world are about to hate me. I call it “The Stress Induced Timeline”. I know that I can handle myself very well in stressful situations and my focus is through the roof when under these conditions. Considering these school related assignments were not a matter of life or death or the difference between a paycheck and food, they were always the last thing I would address right before the due date.

I am be no means saying that others should follow my lead, in fact if they do I can almost guarantee failure. This is just my brief memoir on how procrastination got me through college. So by following my prioritization I was able to do and complete some of my best work. Even started and finish a 10 page report to include all of the research the night prior and still received one of the highest grades in the class! Ok that’s just bragging, my bad.

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